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Knife Gate Valve

Knife Gate Valve Manufacturers, Exporters in India

Axegic Valve have etched their name in the field of development, manufacturing and Exporters of Knife Gate Valve, Fabricated Knife Gate Valve, Square Knife Gate valve and Rectangle Knife Gate Valve in blazing fonts.

In systems with a high concentration of suspended particles, knife gate valves are a type of gate valve that are often utilized for full open or cut off services. When handling slurry, viscous, corrosive, or abrasive media, these valves are very helpful.

The gate works similarly to a knife in that it efficiently cuts through the medium and effectively breaks up any impurities that may be present in the medium in the pipeline. As a result, the classic gate valve’s leaking phenomena in a medium with solid impurities is fully eliminated. In their fully open state, these valves decrease pressure drop. This makes them simple to operate. Knife gate valves are economical and have a comparatively low weight.

Despite being a unique kind of gate valve, the knife gate valve functions similarly to a regular gate valve but with more advanced features which are being manufactured, supplied and exported by Axegic Valves. A knife-like oblique incision is present on the bottom of the valve plate, which may readily cut through the pipe flow medium. As a result, making shutting the valve very simple and efficient, even when the medium is semi-solid. The knife gate valve has manual, pneumatic, and electric drive modes, and its operating concept is relatively straightforward.

Typically, Knife Gate Valves are available in four versions: 

  • Unidirectional Knife Gate Valve

  • Bidirectional Knife Gate Valve

  • Square Knife Gate Valve

  • Rectangular Knife Gate Valve Exporter

Unidirectional Knife Gate Valve

A typical Unidirectional Knife Gate is one of the few application-specific industrial valve designs with a single-piece durable and compact cast body construction that provides the best performance and may be used for simple to sophisticated demanding applications for material flow. A cost-effective, simple-to-use shut-off valve that controls the flow of very viscous fluids via the pipe system. Its design minimises contact between moving components by keeping the gate, which is essentially kept between a few layers of gland packing, from coming into contact with the body parts throughout the majority of its motion. With the help of gate wedges that are situated in the body, the gate and seat are finally sealed using a non-sliding motion.

With the Axegic Unidirectional Knife Gate Valve, you can control fluid flow most innovatively. Precision engineering ensures smooth flow regulation in one direction with unidirectional functionality and reliable shutoff capabilities. Say goodbye to backflow issues with Axegic Valve’s innovation today.

Bidirectional Knife Gate Valve

The grooveless knife gate valve is another name for the bidirectional knife gate valve. The body of the cast iron valve is constructed integrally. The bidirectional knife gate valve consists of a U-shaped sealing strip, the gate, and the valve body.

Grooves and an elastic U-shaped sealing strip are present on the bottom of the middle chamber, the valve body’s inlet, and the valve body’s outlet. When the valve is closed, the gate descends and makes contact with the sealing strip at its bottom edge. This forces the sealing strip into the groove, sealing the valve body and gate.

When the bidirectional knife gate valve is opened, the gate moves up, the bottom edge of the gate separates from the sealing strip, the sealing strip springs up, and the groove is flat. This can prevent medium sediment from settling in the groove of the middle cavity of the valve body during use of the knife gate valve, which is not easily blocked and has no residue, and the pipeline is easy to clean, effectively improving the sealing effect of the valve.

Unidirectional Knife Gate Valve Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India

Square & Rectangular Knife Gate Valve

For lines with square and rectangular forms, Axegic’s Square Knife Gate Valve and rectangular knife gate valves are designed. The major applications for rectangular Port knife gate valves are the discharge of bins and tanks. For the storage of solid items and highly charged fluids, under hoppers.

Design of a square knife gate valve for increased flow capacity and reduced pressure drop. Internal engineering prevents any accumulation of solids that can hinder valve closure. For a tighter shutoff, internal gates include guides and wedges.

Fabricated Knife Gate Valve

Our facility is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, and we are a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of knife gate valves and fabricated knife gate valves. Numerous industrial sectors have placed big orders and recurrent ones due to the unrivaled quality and exceptional performance. High durability, tensile strength, and resistance to harsh circumstances are also guaranteed by the use of premium raw materials in the production of the Fabricated Gate Valve (Knife Gate). The item’s accessibility at reasonable prices makes purchasing easier for consumers in India and abroad wherever it’s applicable or utilised.

Fabricated Type Knife Gate Valve

Applications of Knife Gate Valve: – 

Available in different sizes, AXEGIC can be customized as per the needs and requirements of the customers. Knife edge Gate Valves for

  1. Slurry Lines
  2. Sludge and Viscous Media Handling
  3. Pulp and Paper Stock Lines
  4. Dry Solid and Powder Handling
  5. High Temperature Gas Lines and Many More
SizesDN6 to DN50 ( NPS ¼ to NPS 2)
Pressure RatingClass 150 & PN10 / PN 16
Material Construction
  • Cast Carbon Steel – WCB, WCC, etc.
  • Low Carbon Steel – LCB, LCC, etc.
  • Austenitic Stainless Steel – CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CN7M, CG3M, etc.
  • Duplex Stainless Steel – CD4MCuN, CD3Mn, etc.
  • Ductile Iron – Grey Cast Iron, S.G. Iron, etc.
  • Fabricated – Carbon Steel, etc.
Design & Manufacturing StandardMSS SP 81
Face to Face Std.MSS SP81
End Connection Std.MSS SP 81 / Flanged Ends as per ASME B16.5& ASME B16.10, PN 10 / PN 16 & TABLE – D & TABLE – E
Testing StandardAPI 598 / BS 6755 PART-I
Type of BoreStandard (Full Bore)
End Connection TypeWafer Type, Lugged Type, Flanged Ends, etc.
Seat DesignIntegral Metal Seated, Integral Weld Deposited, Replaceable Metal Seated, Replaceable Soft Seated as like, PTFE, RPTFE, EPDM, Nitrile, Viton, etc.
Operated TypeHand Wheel, Chain Wheel, Gear, Pneumatic Cylinder, Electric Actuator,& Hydraulic cylinder etc.