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A Non-Return Valve allows a medium to flow in only one direction. A Non-Return Valve is fitted to ensure that a medium flow through a pipe in the right direction, where pressure conditions may otherwise cause reversed flow.

A Non-Return Valve can be fitted to ensure that a medium flow through a pipe in the right direction, where pressure conditions may otherwise cause reversed flow. A Non-Return Valve allows a medium to flow in only one direction. The flow through the Non-Return Valve causes a relatively large pressure drop, which has to be taken into account when designing the system.

Non-return valves are e.g. used with mixing loops in heating and cooling systems to ensure proper operation, and with domestic water systems to prevent backflow. There are different types of Non-Return Valves, such as

Swing Check Valve

A Swing Check Valve is normally recommended for use in systems employing Gate Valves because of the low pressure drop across the Valve.   In either style, the disk and hinge are suspended from the body by means of a hinge pin.  Seating is either metal-to- metal or metal seat to composition disk. Composition disks are usually recommended for services where dirt or other particles may be present in the fluid, where noise is objectionable, or where positive shutoff is required.

The disc in a swing type check valve is unguided as it fully opens or closes. There are many disk and seat designs available, in order to meet the requirements of different applications. The valve allows full, unobstructed flow and automatically closes as pressure decreases. These valves are fully closed when flow reaches zero, in order to prevent backflow. Turbulence and pressure drop in the swing check valve are very low.

Dual Plate Check Valve

The Dual Plate Check Valve is an all-purpose Non-Return Valve that is much stronger, lighter in weight and smaller in size compared to a conventional Swing Check Valve. The Dual Plate Check Valve design is the result of attempts to solve the problems associated with Swing Check Valve and Lift Check Valve. The Dual Plate Check Valve employs two spring-loaded plates hinged on a central hinge pin. When the flow decreases, the plates close by torsion spring action without requiring reverse flow. This design offers the twin advantages of No Water Hammer and Non-Slam simultaneously. All features put together make the Dual Plate Check Valve one of the most efficient design.

Wafer Type Check Valve / Single Disc Check Valve

The Wafer Type Check Valve is known as Spring Loaded Flap Type Check Valve used to prevent backflow in water and sea water systems and can be used in other applications providing the Valve materials are compatible with the media.

It can be fitted in the horizontal position or in the vertical position with the flow going upwards. Suitable for fitting between PN10/PN16 Flanges. Space saving product.

Spring Loaded / Non-Slam Check Valve

A good quality Stainless-Steel Check Valve with Spring Loaded its known as Non-Slam Check Valve also. It is suitable for use on a wide range of fluids for applications in process lines, hot water systems, Steam, Oil, Process applications and Condensate Systems.

The Spring-Loaded Check Valve suitable for fitting between ANSI 150, 300 and PN10/16/25/40. Its available in Metal Seated, Soft Seated and Disc Configuration. The Spring-Loaded Check Valve can be installed in any position.

SizesDN15 to DN600 ( NPS 1/2 to NPS 24)
Pressure RatingClass 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500 & 2500
Material Construction
  • Cast Carbon Steel – WCB, WCC, etc.
  • Low Carbon Steel – LCB, LCC, etc.
  • Martensitic Steel – WC1, WC6, WC9, C5, C12, CA15, etc.
  • Austenitic Stainless Steel – CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CN7M, CG3M, etc.
  • Duplex Stainless Steel – CD4MCuN, CD3Mn, etc.
  • Nickel-Copper Alloy – Monel 400, Nickel-Copper-Aluminium Alloy – Monel 500, Ductile Iron – Grey Cast Iron, S.G. Iron, etc.
Design & Manufacturing StandardBS 1868, API 594, API 6D, DIN 3230
Face to Face Std.ASME B16.10
End Connection Std.ASME B16.5
Testing StandardAPI 598
Type of BoreStandard (Full Bore)
End Connection TypeFlanged Ends, Screwed Ends, Socket Weld Ends, Butt Weld Ends, Victaulic Ends, etc.
Operated TypeSelf Operated
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