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Rising Stem Gate Valve Exporter in Indonesia

Axegic Valve is a globally renowned organization that is offering premium quality Rising Stem Gate Valve products. The company is one of the top notch Rising Stem Gate Valve Exporter in Indonesia.

The top Rising stem Gate valve exporter in Indonesia is Axegic Valve. Gate Valves come in the form of Rising Stem. Rising stem gate valves have threads that are positioned on the exterior of the valve body. The valve stem rises as we open the valve. While rising stem gate valves are often constructed of cast or forged steel, non-rising stem valves are typically made of brass, bronze, or cast iron. In high pressure applications up to category 2500 or 420 bar, rising stem gate valves are highly employed.

We can tell how wide open the valve is attributable to it. It is straightforward to tell if a rising stem gate valve is open or closed due to the quantity of visible stem. When the handle is flush with the pipe, the valve closes. If there is a lot of stem visible, the valve is open. When high temperatures, corrosives, and solids in the line might harm the stem threads inside the valve, the Outside Screw & Yoke (OS & Y) design keeps the stem threads outside the valve. The stem that extends above the hand wheel on the Gate Valve when it opens serves as a gate position indicator.

Rising Stem Gate Valve Exporter in Indonesia