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Axegic Valve is the #1 Swing Type Check Valve Supplier in Singapore that is listed as the top-ranked Swing Type Check Valve Supplier in Singapore.

Swing Type Check Valves and Stainless Steel Check Valves are manufactured and supplied by Axegic Valve in Singapore at reasonable rates. These Swing Type Check Valve have a Bolted Cover Design, Straight Type Bodies, Flanged Ends, and Screwed Ends. Swing type check valves supplied in Singapore are appropriate for pipe layouts with horizontal or vertical flows that flow upward. Only horizontal lines are suitable for Lift Type Check Valve Bolted Cover. To satisfy the needs of high pressure and high temperature lines, Axegic Valves also supplies special stainless steel check valves that include a pass arrangement valve and a stellated seat. 

There are also swing type check valves with third party inspection that comply with IBR (Indian Boiler Regulation) and those that do not. Swing Type Check Valves with Teflon seated for low vacuum lines are made by us. To ensure a long lifespan, the disc is heavily lapped. With the quickest delivery option, we manufacture, supply, and ship to any place in India and Singapore.

Swing Check Valve

Salient Features of Swing Type Check Valve

  • Globally
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Reliable operation
  • High efficiency
  • Easy to operate