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Valve Exporter for Ball Valve | Custom Ball Valve — AXEGIC GROUP INC is one of the best Manufacturers, Exporter, and Supplier of Ball Valves products. We are manufacturing popular products are Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve, Fire Safe Ball Valve, Jacketed Type Ball Valve Manufacturer and Exporter across India.

Our company manufactures corrosion-resistant ball valves with a good finish. Our incredibly effective quality assurance team ensures that the ball valves are ideal for the desired function and have exact dimensions. We provide a broad selection of ball valves for exporting that are appropriate for many different sectors, including mining, petrochemicals, and oil. Axegic Valve is one of the top ball valve manufacturers and exporters from India. We offer competitively priced, high-quality ball valves in a variety of forms and functions to practically everywhere in the globe.

Axegic Valve is a manufacturer and supplier of a variety of industrial ball valves with manual hand levers, gear, pneumatic actuators, electrical actuators, and electrical actuator operation in single, two, and three-piece design construction. To meet the needs of various critical applications, we also provide a variety of other ball valves, including two-way, three-way, four-way, mixing-and-diverting types, jacketed, forged steel, high pressure, customized, and extended bonnet ball valves.

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Trunnion mounted ball valve is one among the offerings for ball valves. These trunnion ball valves are quarter-turn valves that are used to halt or start the flow of a medium in a pipe. Because the most frequent form of ball valve has a “free-floating” construction, the trunnion type has a different design. In this type of ball valves, one end of the ball connects to the stem and the other end is connected to the shaft called the trunnion. It is also called a floating valve. These valves are having a variety of advantages as they are highly suited for low or high-pressure conditions. These valves incur low operational costs and therefore are in great demand.

Fire Safe Design

Axegic Group INC is the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of fire-safe design valves as per the client’s industrial requirements.  These valves are highly recommended to places where fire exposure is continuous and these valves are used to remain in position without any fluctuations. These valves are compatible to maintain their stability during fire exposure conditions. The applications of these valves include chemical industrials, petrochemical industries, and other industries where hazardous fluid leakage during the fire event is prevented.

Jacketed Type Ball Valve

We are among the leading pressure control valves manufacturers in Ahmedabad. Jacketed type ball valve is one among the offering for ball valves. The Jackets ensure that the process medium is consistently heated or cooled by the valves, preventing crystallization or seizing of the flow media. The Jacketed type Ball Valve is a well-designed valve that allows high-temperature steam or oil to pass over the valve ball and body components, keeping the liquid media. The range of jacketed ball valves we produce is highly recommended for mediums like bitumen, asphalt, liquid sulfur, molten sulfur, lactam & soap applications.

SizesDN6 to DN600( NPS ¼ to NPS 24)
Pressure RatingClass 150 & PN10 / PN 16 & Table D / Table E
Material Construction
  • Cast Carbon Steel – WCB, WCC, etc.
  • Low Carbon Steel – LCB, LCC, etc.
  • Martensitic Steel – WC1, WC6, WC9, C5, C12, CA15, etc.
  • Austenitic Stainless Steel – CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CN7M, CG3M, etc.
  • Duplex Stainless Steel – CD4MCuN, CD3Mn, etc.
  • Ductile Iron – Grey Cast Iron, S.G. Iron, etc.
Design & Manufacturing StandardBS EN ISO 17292 / API 6D / API 608
Face to Face Std.ASME B16.10
End Connection Std.ASME B16.5& ASME B16.10
Testing StandardAPI 598 / BS 6755 Part-I
Type of BoreRegular (Reduced) & Standard (Full Bore)
End Connection TypeFlanged Ends, Screwed Ends, Socket Weld Ends, Butt Weld Ends, Victaulic Ends, Tri-Clover Ends, etc.
Seat Design
  • Soft Seat – PTFE, RPTFE, PEEK, etc.
  • Fire Safe Design,  Spring Loaded Type, etc.
Operated TypeHand Lever, Gear, Pneumatic Actuator, Bare Shaft, etc.
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